Beyond cloud printing

Pay per transactionNo deposits. Choice of payment methods. We handle transactions in your home currency.

Out of the boxNo hassle with setting up the mobile app. Find nearby print or scan location and all is set to go.

Open platformAll features unlocked. No account, no signup required.

Make your documents speak

Dozens of lifelike voices, variety of languages. Scan your paper documents into MP3 files. No waiting queues, no hidden fees.

Unlock text of your documents

Instantly scan and combine your paper based documents into searchable PDF files - our cloud based OCR engine supports text recognition of 100+ languages.

We secure your documents

Your print job remains encrypted on the cloud storage until you release it on the printer by PIN code. We encrypt your scanned files at rest until they are expired and deleted from our cloud.

Convert to speechScan text to speech powered by Amazon Polly voices.

Text recognitionMore than 100 supported languages powered by Nuance OmniPage.

Cloud storageScanned files securely stored on Amazon S3 cloud storage for convenient download.

Share with ease - with a click of a button

Global networkShare your printer with customers or install in co-working space - easy access for users on the go. No long term commitments - unshare with a click of a button.

Serverless arhitectureNo licensing or additional hardware required - minimized setup cost. No networking hassle - supported by HP OXPd cloud technology.

Collect paymentsSecurely collect payments for print and scan managed services with integrated payment processor powered by Braintree.

Built in payments processing

Charge for print and scan managed services without complexity of third party payments integration. We expand our services in 40+ countries with 20+ different home currency support powered by Braintree.

Security comes first

We integrate with one of the most secure printers and scanners in the world. Check the list of compatible devices here. Data from and to devices is protected by Amazon Trust Services. Our web services use S3 server-side encryption - it uses one of the strongest block ciphers, 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard, to encrypt your data.

Subscription plans

Planning to use our service in-house or sharing with users in co-working space with no payments to be collected - we recommend our monthly subscription plans.

Easy to useSimple and intuitive user interface, you won't mix things up here.

Secure job releaseWe store your documents securely on the cloud until you release them with PIN.

Payment methodsWe support various payment methods, pay with card or PayPal, in your local currency